Video Tutorials to
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Ease of use guaranteed: Our tutorial videos should leave no question unanswered.

BFN Fusion was developed to give you all the data you need to make well-founded decisions in the management of your farming operations. In short:

We are here to make your job easier.

Adhering to this mission, we have produced this library of tutorial videos to help you get acquainted with the software and its various powerful features.

When first getting started, we recommend watching them in the given order. Depending on which of the software modules you are using, you can of course skip all videos that do not apply to your needs.

Whenever questions arise in your daily business, the individual “chapters” also work great as refresher trainings.

Customer Portal | Tutorial 1

Discover how to sign in and navigate the Big Dutchman Customer Portal. Configure your dashboard, manage applications, adjust tile layout, and utilize BFN Fusion modules such as “Boards”, “Survey”, and “Connection”. Learn about language settings, notifications, and license management.

Account Management | Tutorial 2

This video explains how to add and edit new users in the Big Dutchman Account Management system. Learn how to enter user information, set permissions for each module, and save changes. The video also shows how to return to the dashboard and manage user settings.

BFN Fusion Modules

The Survey Module | Tutorial 4

This tutorial shows how to create and manage your own tabs in the BFN Fusion Survey module. It covers steps for adding new tabs, arranging key values, using references, and filtering data. Additionally, learn how to add and customize comments and refresh the table.

The Survey Module | Tutorial 5

Unlock the advanced features of the BFN Fusion Survey Module in our latest tutorial. Manage sites effortlessly, access batch overviews, and track progress using the traffic light system. Compare batches, edit key values, and seamlessly switch between houses and farms. Improve data evaluation with user-friendly guides for optimized performance.

The Survey Module | Tutorial 6

In this video, learn how to customize and analyze graphs in the Survey module. It provides tips on comparing key values, adjusting the time window in graphs, and sorting data. Also, learn how to display data for active batches or specific production days.

The Survey Module | Tutorial 7

This tutorial focuses on setting up batch rules based on specific values in the BFN Fusion Survey module. Learn how to create rules and how to export data for these batches.

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