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Success stories, written with BFN Fusion

Many farm owners worldwide have been trusting our hardware and farm management software for decades. For most of them, implementing BFN Fusion was the logical next step and has enabled them to conduct their business more profitably and sustainably.

However, even companies that do not rely upon Big Dutchman equipment have successfully integrated BFN Fusion into their existing third-party infrastructure.

In both cases, BFN Fusion was able to make a major difference …

A real-life opinion on real business benefits

General Poultry Company (GPC) is the leading producer of locally produced farm-fresh eggs in the Kingdom of Bahrain. In this video, Mr. Ahmed (Senior IT Officer of GPC) shares his experience with BFN Fusion.

Customer statements

“This is what I would like to have. We are working on our own solution, but if top management agrees to use BFN Fusion, we will stop our own development.”

– Breeder company, Spain

”Our goal is to be fully digitalized. With the Export module, we will integrate our ERP system and our analysis platform with BFN Fusion so we can have a seamless data control over all the systems.”

– General Poultry Company, Bahrain

”After testing BFN Fusion for a week, we were so impressed that our management decided to use BFN Fusion company-wide.”

– Integrator, Norway