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to a profitable Future

What is BFN Fusion and how does it create value for your livestock operation?

BFN Fusion is a modern digital service for data-optimized farming which helps you overcome today’s challenges in protein production. Whether your operation is poultry, egg or pig production, equipped by Big Dutchman or not: the BFN Fusion smart farming solution grows with you, whether you are an independent farmer, an integrator or an international livestock corporation.

If you are an independent farmer, BFN Fusion can help optimize your day-to-day operations to reliably improve your production results.

If you are a large integrated business, BFN Fusion helps you master the challenges of digitalization, making your organization truly data-driven.

“We deliver tools to create significant business value, regardless of our customer’s daily challenges and priorities, which can vary significantly.”

Make data-based decisions. Achieve predictable results.

The value chain of livestock farming is a complex and interdependent system; a system that is managed best on the basis of reliable, real-time data. BFN Fusion brings together the data from all value chain links, making them available in one place and in standardized form. Your benefits:

Easy, secure, tailored to your needs and compatible with your existing hardware

Your farms generate much valuable production data. The challenge is gathering all these data from all locations and turning them into meaningful information for your team.

BFN Fusion does exactly that. It is the missing link providing standardized data from your entire production chain – for all locations and in real time.

As a cloud-based solution, you can access BFN Fusion anytime from anywhere in the world and with any device.

The user interface is easy to understand and intuitive to use. We know what information is truly important to your business, so there is a dedicated software module for every production aspect.

You can access the system via the customer portal my.bigdutchman, where your bundle of activated BFN Fusion modules is available. The centralized overview of your production helps you to run your farm(s) more efficiently, to connect the value chain so data can be exchanged, to save costs and much more.

BFN Fusion – offering a broad range of
value-added applications

Customer portal / User app

Manage your company data and user access rights securely and according to your needs.


Monitor the ongoing production and display all desired KPIs. Receive real-time warnings when production problems occur.

Alarm overview

Get an overview of alarms generated by the BD/SKOV controllers on any of your farms.


See a central overview of all your farms with both current and historical data.


Monitor your production based on general, or your own, reference values.

Data manager

Keep tabs on your silos and use the predicted consumption rates to order new feed before you need it.


Set up interfaces to slaughter plants, feed mills or other partners for automatic data transfer.

Remote access

Gain remote access to settings and controller alerts as well as IoT and controller gateways.


View the current filling levels of all silos and plan feed production optimally thanks to a ”time to empty” prediction.


Recognize issues or shortages early on to prevent economic losses.

Data management

Ensure that necessary registrations are made and automatic data collection is running correctly.

Notification center

Receive system-generated notifications to enable faster reactions to any production issue.

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capabilities to help you optimize your value chain?

A true quantum leap – no matter which equipment you use

OrbitX – small box, big connection

OrbitX transfers all your production and climate data to the BFN Fusion cloud in real time. Integrating OrbitX into your existing farm network, you can inter-connect the data of all your locations and farms. BFN Fusion validates and structures the real-time data from all of your farms: for the first time ever, you will receive a full, detailed and comparable overview of your entire value chain.

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Easily connected to any existing farms

Works with farms equipped by any manufacturer

Do you use equipment or controllers from other manufacturers, maybe even different ones on the same farm? No problem!

Our OrbitX IoT gateway is the missing link that connects every type of farm to the BFN Fusion cloud platform – easily, securely and reliably for your peace of mind.

Flexible connection to the internet

Mobile data transfer or satellite connection: BFN Fusion can even be used in remote areas that do not have a standard internet connection.

Your data will be transferred to the cloud reliably and securely, wherever your farms are located.

Connected worldwide, unrivaled worldwide

With BFN Fusion and OrbitX, we remain true to our goal of developing ground-breaking solutions for livestock production.

Our system and its options represent a quantum leap for digitalization in the agricultural industry and are unrivaled worldwide.

Connect your farms securely and reliably from anywhere

All your climate and feeding data can be easily integrated

Controller gateway:
Gain real-time production data automatically. This includes manual data entries from all your Big Dutchman controllers. Simply connect them to OrbitX to get a centralized overview. Additionally, BFN Fusion enables you to remotely manage your Big Dutchman controllers securely at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Sensor gateway:
Gain extra security by isolating your production data streams to the internet. Connect Big Dutchman sensors and equipment directly to OrbitX to establish a system for independent and automated data collection. BFN Fusion provides you with real-time climate and production data from all farms, even if their control systems are not from Big Dutchman.

Non Big Dutchman Farm gateway:
OrbitX can also be connected to compatible third-party farm management software via API. If you are using a farm management software from another manufacturer, in most cases OrbitX can be connected via existing APIs. Our team will be happy to assess compatibility with such a system.

Data quality & ownership

Your business, your data

We are well aware that only valid data is good data. Therefore, our system is designed to provide you with real-time information that you can rely on.

We guarantee neutral data storage – meaning that your data are stored in a decoupled and isolated way so that only persons that you give permission can read them. Moreover, we ensure stability, connectivity and continuous development of the system. Automatic security updates and backups are of course a standard feature of our software to ensure your data are protected based on the strict EU data policy.

IT security? Our priority!

Secure data flow from A to Z

IT security is a main priority for Big Dutchman. We employ a solid end-to-end, security-first approach, i.e. maximum cyber security measures are upheld at the farm level as well as in the cloud where data are stored and used. On the farm, the OrbitX IoT gateway acts as a strong firewall, isolating and protecting the farm controllers from unauthorized access. OrbitX collects data from your controllers and streams them to the BFN Fusion cloud in a secure way. Communication is encrypted and only BFN Fusion-relevant data traffic is allowed.

Running safely on a globally trusted platform

The BFN Fusion cloud is built on Microsoft Azure infrastructure, which provides the highest level of security and operational stability. Our applications are developed in line with Azure’s best practices and zero trust principles, leaving nothing to chance.

Furthermore, we continuously validate our security by working with external cyber security companies who test and challenge our system on an ongoing basis (red teaming).

In short: You can trust us to keep your data safe at all times.