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The city of Vechta is situated in Germany’s Oldenburg Münsterland region, the Silicon Valley of modern pig and poultry production. For more than 80 years, we have been developing practical and ground-breaking solutions for feeding systems, housing equipment and climate technology. We want farmers all over the world to be able to produce food profitably while protecting the environment. With agencies in more than 80 countries and more than 3,500 employees worldwide, we are always one step ahead of our competition.

The development of BFN Fusion continues our tradition of innovation. To us, an integrated software is the next logical step in the digital evolution of the agricultural industry. This step helps our customers to continue optimizing their production: efficiently, in compliance with the law and sustainably.

Our in-house research and development work on livestock hardware significantly influenced the software we have developed. Because who could be better equipped for this job than the global experts for mission-critical farm solutions?

As an established company with good knowledge of the industry, we can ensure stability, connectivity and continuous development of the system.

With our long-standing track record in the industry and our global experience, we are your reliable partner for establishing and advancing this technology in the long term. And if your business should require it, we are willing and able to develop even more tailor-made modules together with you.

“We have been optimizing the feeding of livestock since 1938. Now, we start feeding data – to our customers, making them more successful than ever before.”

Bernd Meerpohl, owner of Big Dutchman

We have a lot to offer. You have a lot to gain. Shall we get started?

Protein farming has many challenges. Let’s take them on together, like we have for decades!

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